This is a work-in-progress reading list for medical school interviews in 2020, we will be collating the sources used for our 'interview prep series' info posts and also interesting news articles!

Interview Crash Course Ethics Episode Prep -

Liver transplant fact sheet:

4 patient profiles:

Additional patient information:

Interview Prep Series: How NHS is funded -

How is the NHS structured?
A series of diagrams explaining how funding flows in the NHS and how providers are regulated and commissioned.

Interview Prep Series: Long Term Conditions -

Long-term conditions and multi-morbidity
About 15 million people in England have a long-term condition. We look at how long-term conditions tend to be concentrated in the more disadvantaged sections of society.

Interview Prep Series: Technology and the NHS -

New Versius robot surgery system coming to NHS
The British-made Versius system is expected to be used within several NHS hospitals from next year.
Medicine and the rise of the robots: a qualitative review of recent advances of artificial intelligence in health
Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to significantly transform the role of the doctor and revolutionise the practice of medicine. This qualitative review paper summarises the past 12 months of health research in AI, across different medical specialties, and discusses the current strengths…